“The fear of success is just as debilitating as the fear of failure.
Do not let either one hold you back.”

~Karlene Sinclair-Robinson

Our Consulting Is Designed For You

Achieving growth in business requires more than luck and opportunity. It requires careful planning, fiscal responsibility, and an adherence to business guidelines. Enter KSR Solutions consulting services.

As consultants, we take a deep interest in our clients' successes. This is why all of our consulting services have been developed to address business challenges that impede success.


New Business Development

Starting a new business takes a lot of time, focus, and a never-give-up attitude. Our New Business Development consulting will resolve a lack of basic business management, proper cash flow strategies, business acumen, effective time management, and goal setting strategies.

Business Analysis & Compliance

Anyone in business understands the importance--and management headaches--of keeping a business healthy and in compliance. Through our Business Analysis & Compliance consulting services, we will comprehensively audit your business in the areas of financial, management, and operations. The result is a health record of your business with actionable steps to keep it in compliance.


Financial Evaluation

Financial health is not an accident. It requires careful management and decision making that benefits your business. Through our Financial Evaluation consulting services, we will work with you to identify key cash flow opportunities, avoid financial pitfalls, and more. We then present a financial assessment that includes analyzing our clients' past and present financial data to identify current credit-ability, develop best practices, and best opportunities to access financial liquid and capital.

Business Planning & Development

Do you have a business plan in place? Has it been updated to reflect any changes within your business? Our experienced KSR team can help you either develop a new business plan or analyze your current one for maximum potential. The result is a comprehensive business plan that you can use to finance and or grow your enterprise.


Strategic Planning & Development

A strategic plan can help propel your business endeavor in areas where a traditional business plan could not. Our Strategic Planning and Development services includes internal and external strategies designed in three (3) phases - analysis, development, and post phases. We will review your current plan or work with you to develop a feasible strategic plan along with strategies for implementation.

Financial Solutions

Fiscal strength beings with access to capital. We provide access to capital solutions by identifying best strategies to facilitate business growth or survival through traditional vs. non-traditional financing methods.