Karlene Sinclair-Robinson
The Woman Who Sparked a Movement

Karlene Sinclair-Robinson

Best-selling author, online celebrity, and founder of KSR Solutions, LLC

KSR Solutions, LLC is a business consulting firm providing strategic solutions and training opportunities geared toward organizations, corporations, start-ups and small businesses.  We are based in the Northern Virginia-Washington, DC Metro area and provide services nationwide. We focus on business development, access to capital, financial growth, social media management, and entrepreneurial education solutions for our clients. 

KSR Solutions, LLC was founded on the belief that individuals could succeed in business IF they applied themselves, got trained, and had access to resources and support. This is concept still the belief.The company was founded by Karlene Sinclair-Robinson, considered a foremost expert on ‘Alternative Business Financing, small business advocate and bestselling author of ‘Spank The Bank: The Guide to Alternative Business Financing’.

Our clientele includes organizations and businesses in need of strategic solutions to grow or survive. What differentiates us in the marketplace goes to our approach to working with our clients. We set high standards, making sure our clients understand the value we bring to their businesses.  Our ability to be flexible while providing solutions has helped to build a strong foundation.

Most of all, we listen to our clients and those reaching out to us for more services and product solutions. It is our goal to help increase our clients’ success rate putting them on the path to being financially sustainable.

The services we provide includes consulting, business plan development, financial reviews, loan packaging development, credit assessment, access to capital solutions, social media strategies, coaching, and counseling. We also provide training workshops and other events to better aid start-ups and small business growth.

We are in the process of developing a product line that will benefit our clients in the start-up and survival stages of their businesses. We are also increasing our training and support events, in the number of events sessions offered annually.