"Perseverance is a MUST for Success to show up."

~Karlene Sinclair-Robinson

Coaching Geared Toward Success

Overcoming the many pitfalls and dead ends found in business often requires an experienced guiding hand. We offer our KSR Solutions coaching clients that help through our coaching programs that address different business lifecycles and ever-evolving challenges.

The opportunity to develop and grow a sustainable enterprise essential to an individual's success. Financial empowerment through entrepreneurship is a critical element of our coaching programs.

We've tailored each of our coaching programs to meet the unique needs business owners face at different life stages.  These may include starting up and transition through expansion and ultimately selling. Our coaching programs are 'Financially Focused' with an emphasis on financial management, foundational measures and strategic development for success.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to grow and sustain your company. Your success is our business!

Business Success Coaching Group Option

Our 'Start-up Business Success Intensive Coaching' Program is designed to assist individuals starting and developing new businesses. This coaching program is offered in a group format, allowing for collaboration and support amongst peers while providing education that will aid in your start-up growth and development.

Business Success Coaching Individual Option

This Business Success Coaching Individual Option is offered to business owners who have moved past the start-up stage in their companies and need more individualized support. This coaching program is offered on an individual basis with personalized sessions customized for each business owners' needs.

This one-on-one coaching program will  address key areas of business needs including: entrepreneurial training specific topics such as financial and credit management, business planning, development, and much more.

You also receive access to group coaching options.


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