"No matter the obstacle, giving up on your dreams is not the answer."

~Karlene Sinclair-Robinson

What our clients say about KSR

"Karlene is a knowledgeable and consummate professional. Most important, she is a caring and dedicated, empathetic leader."

Barry Cohen Author of Start-Up Smarts and CEO of ADLab Media Communications, LLC

"It is not often that one comes across a person who embodies the ideal professional as thoroughly as Karlene Sinclair-Robinson. Through my work with her, I've grown to respect not only her expertise, but also her hard-driven work ethic and genuine consideration for her clients and partners. I'm constantly amazed at how gracefully she juggles her roles as best-selling author, laser-focused consultant, and generous community leader without ever losing her smile!

Karlene's infectious enthusiasm and continuous gratitude for the ever-growing success she's legitimately earned through her own hard work and immense skill makes her one of the most endearing and easily admired people I've ever met. It's a joy to know and work with her!

Bonnie Taylor, Chief Marketing Strategist at CCS Innovations®, LLC

"I've had an opportunity to hear advice that Karlene gives entrepreneurs about alternative sources of funding, Her advice is not only accurate but she's also able to explain the best practices of getting business capital and growing your business in simple terms."

Cheree Warrick, Author of Creating Business Plans that Actually Get Financed & CEO of The Profit Partner, LLC

"Karlene is the true pro. She is an extremely insightful person who understands running a business.Her knowledge of business financing is off the charts. She has great communications skills complimented with her technical skills. Karlene is a great person to work with!

Kevin Clark, 'Mr. Big Mortgage', Managing Member at Clark Capital Group, LLC

"Karlene Sinclair-Robinson opened my mind to possibilities which will help me to grow beyond where I am. I have been in the self-employed bracket and in the business bracket but now want to advance more in my investment for them to grow for my family."

Karin Sellers (Workshop Attendee)

"Once again, Mrs. Sinclair-Robinson has shown me why my money is well spent. The information she presents to us has made me a business owner already. I really like her teaching."

Steven Price (Workshop Attendee)

"Mrs. Robinson had a "high" energy from the time she stepped into the classroom. For eight hours she taught us not just about creating a business plan, but about life lessons. Her class should be called 'Life Class'. Very valuable information which has motivated me to succeed!"

Erica Reed (Workshop Attendee)

"Karlene is great; she has a wonderful energy. She helps keep you motivated and teaches everything you MUST and need to know in business."

Desire Dalton (Workshop Attendee)

"Very informative & very knowledgeable of business plan and how to become successful."

Thomas Morris, III (Workshop Attendee)

"The instructor was knowledgeable, friendly and easy to follow. She did not make me feel awkward knowing very little about the course topic - 'Blogging'. I enjoyed the class and look forward to others. This class was worth the trip from Baltimore."

Augua Bass (Workshop Attendee)