Accelerate Your Business Challenge:

Business Planning & Pitch Competition


Submission Guidelines
    1. Business plan information MUST be original work of the applicant submitting it to this contest. Applicant must have full authority to disclose any and all information submitted to this contest.
    2. Plan's overall presentation should include the following:
      • All Pages MUST be numbered and Labeled with Company and Applicant’s Name.
      • Minimum Margin – 0.75 inches
      • Font Size 12 pts
      • Font Types: Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, or Garamond.
    3. Completed plan should be uploaded as a PDF Document ONLY.
    4. Minimum business plan page count - 12 pages
    5. Maximum business plan page count – 24 pages.
    6. Registrants MUST mail two (2) copies of their business plan to: KSR Solutions, LLC, 8647 Richmond Hwy, #622, Alexandria, VA 22309 RE: Business Plan Challenge
    7. All business plan submissions must be submitted via mail and email no later than 11:59 pm on 8/31/2019
General Guidelines
    1. All business plan entries must be submitted in English.
    2. All registrant entries will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.
    3. This competition is subject to all applicable Federal, State and Local rules and regulations.
    4. ALL taxes associated with the prizes are the sole responsibility of the awardees or prize winners.
    5. NO-GUARANTEE – There is no guarantee that a registrant will receive an award or prize. IF the judges deem the entries ineligible for a prize or have no reasonable chance of success, they and the organizers reserve the right not to award any prizes.
    6. IF the judges determine that ALL submissions received during this years’ event are not eligible, the organizers of this competition can and will cancel or make changes where applicable.
    7. ONLY registrants that comply with ALL entry guidelines will be submitted to our judging panel.

All individuals submitting entries to this year’s competition must adhere to the following rules, regulations and conditions governing this program. No exceptions will be made.

    1. Business Plan submissions must be received by the deadline set forth.
    2. ALL submissions received after the deadline date will NOT be eligible to be a part of this competition.
    3. Registrant and their business must be located in one of the following jurisdictions:
      1. Virginia
      2. Maryland
      3. Washington, DC
    4. Registrant must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to enter.
    5. Registrant business must be a for-profit business entity.
    6. Company must be in operations for a minimum of one (1) year.
    7. Company must be considered a minority – Woman, Veteran, Service-Disabled, Hispanic, Black, Asian, Other Minorities type business.
    8. Registrant must own at least 51% of the existing business.
    9. Registrant’s business entity must be in an ‘Active’ or ‘Current’ status with their State’s State Corporation Commission.
    10. Small business owners in operations over five years can also apply.
    11. Registrant must not have more than fifteen (15) employees.
    12. Registrant’s business must have revenue of no more than $1M during the past twelve (12) months.
    13. All registrants who makes it into the finals of this Challenge Competition, must present proof of permanent resident status or U.S. citizen in order to claim a prize.
Ineligible Guidelines
    1. Ineligible Industries: Real Estate Investing,  Gaming, Insurance, Finance. Other industries might apply - organizers will make further determination.
    2. Non-Profit businesses are NOT eligible to enter this competition.
    3. Business owners who have successfully gained access to venture funds or other types of financing in excess of $50,000 are ineligible to apply.

NOTICE: The above guidelines are subject to change without notice.

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