NOV. 29, 2022

9AM – 4PM

This program is designed to help entrepreneurs, especially women, to gain the needed tools to master their personal and business finance to gain the financial cushioning for business growth.

Become a VIP (Visionary, Innovative, Possibilities) Entrepreneur and learn how to identify what is causing you to fail financially, and learn strategies to improve your personal and business financial foundation.

Practical Tools

Learn What's Holding You Back!

Learn what your financial roadblocks are and what you need to do to change and improve your financial well-being.

Get Strategies to Grow Your Bank Account

Learn strategies that are time-tested and proven to work for those who are willing to solve their financial conundrum.

Putting It All Together

Learn how to use core business and growth strategies to increase and improve your financial position.

How you know this program is for you

✔ The business owner who is tired of the financial cob-web they’ve been existing in and need answers now should plan on attending!

✔ The business owner who realizes that what they have been doing has not been working should definitely attend!

✔ The business owner who knows their financial house is in disarray AND knows it’s time to make a change should certainly attend!

✔ The business owner who is ready to learn strategies to improve their financial position, increase profitability, and allow for sustainable growth opportunities must attend!

✔ The individual who is ready to listen, learn and take action to fully develop a strong financial position.

Check out these,
additional benefits.

Free Bundle of Resources worth $1,000

Joining this coaching program will change your ‘Money Perspective’ for the better!

✔ Identify Core Money Beliefs and Issues Impeding Your Financial Growth.

✔ Define a Course of Action to Improve and Increase your Cash Flow

✔ Develop a Plan of Action that Sets You up for Financial Success.

✔ One Lucky Attendee Will WIN a ‘Business MakeOver’ Session!

✔ Free Discovery Session – First 7 Enrollees Will Receive a Personalized Coaching Session

✔ 1 Free Ecourse

✔ Copy of Spank The Bank Book

✔ Presentation Recording

✔ Access Group Coaching (3 months)

Intensive areas covered by Karlene, your business advisor

✔ Get Ready Now!

✔ Your Money Starting Point

✔ Clarity is The Key!

✔ Getting Real With Your Money!

✔ Money Mindset Shift

✔ Your Vision Defined…

✔ And Much More!

✔ How to Win The Entrepreneurial Game

✔ Solving Your Financial Conundrum

✔ Financial Management for Success

✔ Financial Road Map to Success

✔ And Much More

✔ Launch – Do It

✔ Running Your Race!

✔ And Much More!


Frequently Asked Questions

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