3 Time Management Strategies for Business Success

By Karlene Sinclair-Robinson

Managing your time is essential to your success!

Operating a business takes guts. There is always something to do, and so much that can go wrong. So, whether you’re working to on-board new clients, keeping employees happy, or balancing family and work, there is never enough time to get everything done. Though balancing the demands of being a business owner takes practice, you don’t become an expert at this overnight. And, you certainly don’t get to succeed without some key strategies that maximize your time.

How you use your time helps to determine your level of success. Identifying common-sense strategies where you can use your time more efficiently will show up in your balance sheet. At the end of the day, if your time management strategies are not working, your bank account will reflect this reality.

Building a core set of strategies tailored to fit your needs is vital. Here are three (3) strategies you can implement today:

1. Planning – 

We often overlook planning in the everyday hustle and bustle of business operations. So, to be effective, business owners must take the time to prepare for their success. And, it is important that when considering areas to focus on in your planning process, you pay close attention to the following:

a. Business & Financial Plan – This plan should clearly show how you plan to increase the company’s bottom-line, new products and services, and any other vital components of your plan for going forward.

b. Marketing Plan – Having a marketing plan will help you focus and prioritize your strategies for getting the business out there. Having a solid marketing plan that you USE and adjust according to demand for your goods or services will increase your profit.

c. Social Media Management – Social Media Management should be included as a medium for getting your business more online exposure. Using social media to build your business client base takes time and effort. You should consider using time management tools like Hootsuite.com, Buffer.com and SocialOomph.com to maximize your time and effort. Spending hours on end, jumping from one site to the next does not help your business. You will benefit more by documenting a plan and taking action on it.

2. Take Action –

I cannot say this enough – TAKE ACTION NOW! If you do not engage your audience, it will not gain the momentum you need to increase your bottom-line.

3. Track Your Results – 

What is the point of doing all of the above work without some tracking processes in place? And, please don’t get frustrated and start thinking that what you are doing is not working. Start by implement tracking methods to identify marketing methods that are working. Because monitoring your processes weekly, monthly, quarterly, and on an annual basis to see how effective your efforts are in boosting sales will help you figure if you are on track. And don’t forget, the results will allow you to make appropriate changes.

Once you have some data you can work with, you can then adjust your plan and strategies to grow your success. So, don’t put off processes and opportunities to improve your systems and operations. Because you just might be doing a disservice to yourself and those you serve – your clients.

It is important you get started on your plans now.


Blog post Author: Karlene Sinclair-Robinson has been dubbed “The Queen of Business Financing” and “Business-Knowledge Superstar” with over 15 years of business experience.  She is the Bestselling Author of the book titled: Spank The Bank: The Guide to Alternative Business Financing. Over the years, Karlene has also been featured in numerous interviews and articles on the topics of Small Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Leadership, Women and more.